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Optimum Trading & Industry, Inc, is one of the affiliates of ATCC (Araim Trading & Contracting Company), that contributes in importing,exporting, trading goods and commodities to Iraq and from the Middle East.Specializing in international business along with industrial consultation for the construction and reconstruction projects for the public and private sectors. As well as having an active role in the construction and rebuilding of Iraq. Our role focuses on the promotion and distribution of products from many manufacturers, with our knowledge and experience towards the needs of the Iraqi market and Middle East countries. With our knowledge of the Iraqi market, social, political and commercial connections. Optimum holds a long history of doing business in the Iraqi arena. Having close personal ties with both the public and private sectors, we can fulfill our goal of serving and supporting the new Iraq by providing services to benefit and enhance the lives of all.We have a prestigious record of offering high-quality products and exceptional customer service; as well as being one of the well-known companies in Iraq servicing the governmental sector. We have a good record in achieving success project within the mentioned sectors from our start.Optimum and its affiliates have long history in working with international firms and in planning and executing strategies that have made its affiliates successful throughout the world. Optimum is currently representing Exclusively ELE Skid Steer Loader in Iraq, Jordan and Gulf countries.

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